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    Listing information | Chairman's Statement | Board of Director | Announcement | Prospectus
    Listing information
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    Board of Director
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      Company Name: 8Telecom International Holdings Co.,Ltd
      Incorporated in: Bermuda
      Incorporated in: 2004-1-5
      ISIN Code: BMG3087Y1084
      Registered Office: Canon's Court
      22 Victoria Street
       Hamilton HM 12

    (86) 571 88225288

      Fax: (86) 571 88225291
      Company Secretary:  
       Mr. Teo Meng Keong
       Appleby Corporate Services (Bermuda) Ltd
      link to Internet

      Authorised Capital: USD100,000,000 ordinary shares
      Issued & Paid-up Capital: USD9,578,085
      Par Value: USD0.020
      Trading Currency: SGD

      Listed on 23 July 2004 on SGX Mainboard

      Tricor Barbinder Share Registration Services
      8 Cross Street
      #11-00 PWC Building
      Singapore 048424
      Reid Management Limited
      Argyle House
      41a Cedar Avenue
      Hamilton HM 12

      Deloitte & Touche

    The Company was incorporated in Bermuda on 5 January 2004 under the name of 8Telecom International Holdings Co Ltd.8Telecom International Holdings Co Ltd is principally involved in the manufacturing and supplying of telecommunications pipes,telecommunications and other towers as well as provision of telecommunications engineering services.
    As part of the Group principal activities,it also commenced the sale or lease of telecommunications pipes networks in the second half of 2003,the R&D of its WLAN systems(Wireless Local Area Network) in 2003 and the provision of CDMA Indoor Coverage Systems(Code Division Multiple Access) in 2001.



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